Establish 2,500 acres of longleaf pine and improve 5,500 acres of existing longleaf forest with prescribed fire on large-acreage private lands within the historical longleaf pine range. The project will address barriers to restoring longleaf pine on large-acreage private lands by building trust among stakeholders to achieve collaborative conservation for at-risk and listed species and by providing technical and financial assistance to support the planting and management of longleaf pine.

Achieving large-scale LLP establishment and management on private forestlands will benefit species in ways that other, small-scale efforts struggle to achieve. Under past grant cycles we have supported landowners who planted several- hundred-acre tracts of new LLP.

Over 90 percent of FLA members utilize a forest management plan to ensure the sustainability and success of their forest and habitat management, ensuring long-term benefits to the four priority species identified in the Longleaf Forests and Rivers Business Plan. The responsible management and stewardship implemented by these forest landowners and their consulting foresters will only increase the benefits to species residing on these lands.

Location: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia