This project supports young farmers in the Alentejo region and trains them to agroecological techniques. The project integrates trees in and around farms, improving agricultural productivity and protecting crops from droughts and high temperatures.Trees will also be planted along the water courses to preserve local water ressources. Creating ecological corridors complements the plantations to develop various ecosystem services for farmers (pollination, shade, microclimate, etc).

The southern part of the country is severely impacted by climate change with dire consequences: irregular raining season and then dry summers leading to a higher number of fires, desertification, biodiversity loss… Moreover, a growing number of hectares of Montado landscapes are cleared by Spanish companies, attracted by the lower value of land compared to Spain, in order to plant super intensive olive trees plantation. Therefore, the need to plant trees within agroforestry system such as the Montado system is crucial to slow down the deterioration of the local ecosystems.


  • Baixo Alentejo province, Portugal

Project impacts and benefits:

  • Restore Montado ecosystem through tree planting
  • Generate income for farmers through productive tree planting
  • Promote sustainable agriculture and agroforestry systems
  • Improve landscape scenic beauty