Can you introduce yourself briefly, what’s your name, where are you from, where do you live?
Hi my name is Kevin, I live in Portsmouth which is a naval city in the south of England. Portsmouth is in the county of Hampshire which is blessed with some interesting cities coasts and beaches and countryside. Links to Europe are convenient as we have ferries that travel from Portsmouth to Spain and France. Excuse me do you opportunity to take my classic 1973 Triumph Stag across the channel and enjoy driving in Europe.

What vehicle(s) do you drive/own these days?
Apart from a very sensible Volkswagen Golf my classic car is a 1973 Triumph Stag. I have owned this car for nearly 20 years. During this time I’ve had much work completed on the car although it has never been taken off the road. In the past I have owned and restored several classic Triumph motor cars.

What does this or these vehicles mean to you?
My father owned a Triumph Herald and I guess growing up with a Triumph somehow seeped into my DNA it becomes part of your youth and also contributed to my family memories. My Triumph Stag has featured in my own family memories being used as a prom car for one of my daughters as well as the wedding card for my other daughter’s wedding it has also been used for other members of my extended family and for a variety of family events. several of my friends have older classics and this gives us the opportunity to share trips, stories, problems and challenges.

What is the earliest automotive memory you have? How did your passion start?
My story started with my dad‘s cars and I have always been interested in mechanics and restoring and tinkering with my cars. I have Restored four Triumph Heralds and enjoy maintaining and tinkering with my Stag. This car is now maintained mostly by a Triumph Stag specialist.

Where did you grow up? What’s your relationship with nature like?
I grew up in Hampshire which is a very pretty part of England I also live near the sea so I hava always been aware of the vulnerability and beauty of nature.

How do you today reconcile your passion for the automotive with your respect for nature?
This is tricky because my car has a 3 Litre V8 engine. When it was made it was at a time when environmental issues were not so considered. Having said this I have kept the engine well maintained and the body of the car is well looked after: so you could argue that it is a very environmentally astute thing to do. It is also not used very much and certainly no longer used as a daily means of transport.

Do you have any tips to share with other enthusiasts in order to reduce our impact on nature?
My tip would be to ensure that the engine of the car is well maintained and any modern modifications that can make your car more reliable, economical and more efficient should be considered.

If a fellow enthusiast visited your region, what nature themed activities or exciting driving experiences would you recommend?
I would certainly recommend driving your classic into the New Forest or into one of our stately homes owned by the National Trust maybe take a sketchbook and a picnic and enjoy some leisure activities whilst also enjoying the drive there and a safe drive home!