Can you introduce yourself briefly, what’s your name, where are you from, where do you live?
Hi, my name is Ian, originally from Worcestershire now home is the glorious Dorset countryside.

What vehicle(s) do you drive/own these days?
My stable plays host to a silver Mercedes CLK coupé with a sublime V6 engine, weekend road trip and very occasional family car, my daily vehicle is also silver and Mercedes, a long wheel base Vito for my detailing business.

What does this or these vehicles mean to you?
Both vehicles hold a lot of sentimental value to me. Both were chosen by my Father and my long suffering partner, Jenny.
The car is my happy place, my therapy. It’s the perfect combination of silky smooth serenity when everything in life is stressful and a hefty wave of power and a glorious engine note when feeling a “spirited “ drive is needed. A car that always makes me turn around and smile once she’s parked up. If your car can evoke that response every time, then you’ve got the perfect car.

What is the earliest automotive memory you have? How did your passion start?
My earliest memory was being taken to watch the 1975 Lombard RAC Rally by my late mother. She inspired my love of driving and especially the MK2 Escorts. She was a bit of a petrol head and could really pedal the original Mini Coopers and MK2 Escorts. My first car had to be a MK2 Escort. A 1978, dark blue 2 door, followed by a RS2000 2 years later.

Where did you grow up? What’s your relationship with nature like?
I haven’t grown up yet, (haha). Most of my teenage years through to my 40’s were spent in Worcester or Wales (my adopted home) where I spent my happiest years either living, holidaying or competing in the Welsh Forestry Rally Championship.
I love the countryside and nature, I’m so lucky to live in rural Dorset surrounded by nature and the countryside and try to spend as much time walking through the fields and woodland areas. We need to really make a concerted effort to protect and preserve the wonderful countryside and its inhabitants. It’s the perfect place to reboot and destress from the crazy lives we lead. Without it I feel society and humanity will also be lost.

How do you today reconcile your passion for the automotive with your respect for nature?
Ok, I believe (personal opinion only) that by keeping my 20 year old Mercedes on the road is more environmentally friendly than replacing with a new car that has its component’s shipped back and forth over the planet to finally making it to my driveway. Especially as I use as many restored, re manufactured parts where I can.
I also use a particular fuel brand that offers a carbon offset program whereby I pay a slightly higher premium which is matched by the fuel company to offset my carbon footprint. Additionally I subscribe to Chrome Carbon.

Do you have any tips to share with other enthusiasts in order to reduce our impact on nature?
Keep the vehicle in tip top condition, it the car is well cared for it’ll use less fuel. Try and use a fuel company that offers a carbon offset program and subscribe to projects like Chrome Carbon.

If a fellow enthusiast visited your region, what nature themed activities or exciting driving experiences would you recommend?
Dorset has a cracking driver focussed road along the coast from Weymouth to West Bay. But keep your speed down and your wits about you. West Bay cliffs are the perfect example of how climate change is damaging our environment, cliff falls are almost a weekly occurrence. The route from Dorchester to Shaftesbury A350 then onto Stonehenge A30 and back down the A360 has a great mix of awesome roads, beautiful countryside and sights to see. Take your time and soak up the scenery.