Can you introduce yourself briefly, what’s your name, where are you from, where do you live?
My name is Alex, I recently moved out of london to be in the countryside. I have worked in Innovation and Sustainability for 15 years and I try to live a sustainable life when I can

What vehicle(s) do you drive/own these days?
BMW 130i Msport and BMW r100 scrambler 1979.

What does this or these vehicles mean to you?
The car is practical enough to not hinder my life, mountain biking or visiting friends or family. I consider it probably my last ever petrol car. The bike is a passion of mine, something I have restored and taken down to individual parts more than once. Its something I use for holiday, and a pleasure to ride.

What is the earliest automotive memory you have? How did your passion start?
I have loved cars all my life. I think it started with “Starsky and Hutch” and anything else that had a car. I came to motorbikes later as I realised they were fun and adventures intrigued me, like the long way down etc. I used to count the number plates of new cars every year (in august) and my dad used to repair our family car himself quite a lot so I was expected to help and do the same when I got a car.

Where did you grow up? What’s your relationship with nature like?
I grew up in the smallest town in Britain in Essex, near Suffolk. I both craved living in a big town and didn’t enjoy nature that much, took it for granted, but was surrounded by it. I started mountain biking at about 12 and have been into it ever since.
I now love nature much more as I can appreciate it.

How do you today reconcile your passion for the automotive with your respect for nature?
It’s a tricky one, I think nature has been obliterated by humans. I feel like travelling brings you closer to nature if you live in a big city. I think that we need to be conscious of the travel we do and hopefully there will be a future for humans on this planet.

Do you have any tips to share with other enthusiasts in order to reduce our impact on nature?
I don’t fly unless I have to. At home we have recently re-insulated. We also have solar panels and even a home battery. We compost everything we can and I am eating less meat than I used to. I’m lucky enough to work remotely 2 days a week, and I get the train to the city to work the other days and I rarely have to drive to work. That reduces my daily impact and probably helps me preserve my love of driving. Most of our daily choices have an impact on the environment, so I’m trying to be careful and make the right choices everyday to lower my impact.

If a fellow enthusiast visited your region, what nature themed activities or exciting driving experiences would you recommend?
Going to the route 1066 cafe in Robertsbridge – its a motorbike mecca.